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Yagodinska Cave

Thirteen kilometers from Borino can be found the most beautiful cave in the Rhodopes – Yagodinska. The Yagodinska Cave is 10 kilometers long, 5 stories tall, and made up of many labyrinths. Visitors enter the cave through an artificial opening (tunnel) and follow a special path with electric lights illuminating the beautiful and mysterious formations – stalactites, stalagmites, and cave pearls. The tour takes roughly 45 minutes and is conducted every 45 minutes to an hour everyday. The  underground world of the Yagodinska Cave is also well known as place for young couples pledging themselves in everlasting fidelity (marriage).

In the natural entrance to the cave, located 10 minutes walk from the main visitor entrance, hearths dating back to 4,000 B.C. have been uncovered. These hearths are evidence of eneolithic peoples who lived in the cave during fall and winter. A display of these hearths and other artifacts found in the cave can be seen by visiting the natural entrance to the cave which is open daily.

Yagodinska Cave - Gallery

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