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Nature Reserve “Kastrakli”

The nature reserve “Kastrakli” occupies 124 hectares in the territory of Borino. The reserve is known for its favorable climate which created good conditions for human settlement, first by the Thracians thousands of years ago. The reserve was established “with the purpose of preserving the beautiful natural landscape and virgin character of the old growth Austrian or Black Pine (Pinus nigra).”

The relief is distinct with steep and rugged terrain. The highest point of elevation is 1,291 meters and the lowest 911 meters.  The territory of the Kastrakli reserve is dissected by a multitude of ravines which enter into the passing river. The reserve includes centuries old coniferous and deciduous trees. You can find endemic and relict endemic plants including 156 medicinal plants.

Most interesting for visitors is that in Kastrakli can be found the flower of Orpheus – Silivriak, the symbol of the Rhodopes. The legend recounts that it sprouted from the blood of Orpheus after he was dismembered. Silivriak has the unique ability to come back to life if it is put in water even after it has been pressed for years.

A marked trekking trail runs through the heart of the reserve allowing visitors to experience this beautiful piece of Borino’s territory.

Nature Reserve Kastrakli - Gallery

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