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Immerse yourself in the best kept secret of the Rhodopes!

Borino is located at an altitude of 1140 meters (3,625 feet) in the Western Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, the mountains of Orpheus. The village is situated in a valley, protected from wind and the elements by high mountain ridges creating a beautiful panorama. The valley surrounding the village resembles an enormous carpet, woven from hundreds of green, white, and brown plots created by potato fields and mountain meadows. The valley is criss-crossed by the brown strands of woodland roads leading visitors to wild and untouched nature. Borino is a multi-ethnic village where Turks, Bulgarians, Bulgarian-Muslims, and Roma live like neighbors, creating a unique example of ethnic tolerance. A popular saying in Borino says that neighbors, regardless of ethnicity or race, are closer than relatives. As a municipal center, Borino includes the villages of Yagodina, Chala, Kozhari, and Buinovo. Click here for information on accomodations in the region.

Here you may find various cultural artifacts of three enthnic groups - crafts, fabrics unique in colors and patterns, costumes and folklore all of that have preserved ancient features.   

The municipality as a whole offers a unique, preserved local culture and wild untouched nature. You will see one-of-a-kind woven crafts with rich colors and designs, and traditional dress and folklore preserved from ancient times. The area is saturated with natural beauty and attractions. The most famous of these are the Yagodinska Cave, Devil’s Throat Cave, Trigrad Gorge, and Bujnovo Gorge. There are also many places which are still known only to the local people such as Devil’s Bridge, The Old Roman Bridge – Kemera, Videnitsa Peak (the possible temple/shrine of the God Dionysius), and the Kastrakli Nature Reserve.

We hope to see you soon at the tourist information center in Borino and look forward to making your holiday a one-of-a-kind experience.

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